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At Pink Butterfly Brides we pride ourselves on our ability to dress; possibly the most important family members at any wedding; THE MUMS!

The mother of the bride has one of the most important jobs of the whole wedding. And as a mum, you want to look your best at your daughter or sons big day. So choosing an elegant mother of the bride outfit is absolutely necessary.

We have discovered mums often have a harder job finding the perfect outfit than the bride herself ! The outfits can seem ill-fitting, old fashioned or just plain boring. This is where we can help ! We are your real life Gok Wan! As stylists we are here to offer advice on styling to maximise your best assets and to cover the parts you may be self conscious of.

With our made to measure tailoring, you choose the design and we will make it to measure in the colour and fabric you choose. Easy peasy! We will even complete the look with shoes, bags and a fabulous hat or fascinator all to match if you so wish.

tips on shopping for

your mother's outfit

It is best to search for a mother of the bride outfit at least six months before the wedding. This will allow you to take your time to select an outfit which is absolutely perfect according to the wedding colour scheme and theme. If your chosen outfit suits you now, you will adore it when it is made to measure 3 months before the wedding.

1. Entirely white, cream and anything close to white are out of the question for mother of the bride outfits. This is the day for the bride to shine, and white belongs to bride. (if you fall in love with something in these colours, always check with the bride first before making any purchase)

2. Before choosing your mothers outfit, talk with the bride and ask her what style/colour she would like to see you in at their wedding. You should always adhere to these points, perhaps take her shopping with you?

3. Try to coordinate with any other mothers where possible. It may be uncomfortable for the families if your dresses are in dire contrast to one another or if both dresses are too similar. If possible go shopping together!

4. Colour is so important. Consider the colours you are going to wear in great detail, if possible carry a swatch of the colour scheme with you.

5. It is important for the mums to stand out at a wedding and they do this by wearing the biggest or most impressive hat or fascinator. Not every likes wearing hats, but do not rule them out, there are styles to suit everyone! All the guests will be wearing small-medium sized headwear. you need to make a statement!