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Choosing the Bridesmaids dresses can often be a chore rather than a pleasure...but it need not be the case.

At pink butterfly brides bringing your girls to us is the only thing you need to do.

We have 5 different types of fabric and 100 colours in each. so, colour is never an issue, we are most certain to stock the colour you would like.

As for the design, our team of stylists are on hand to help you choose a style that will both flatter and adhere to your theme. We are here to help you

See below for some tips on choosing the right dresses.

choosing bridesmaid's dresses:

top advice from our stylists

The bride-to-be often worries about selecting the correct bridesmaids’ dresses for all of her chosen bridesmaids, as there is usually more than one person to please, which can be difficult when your bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes and they all have very different tastes and styles. Here are some of our top tips for selecting bridesmaids dresses to ensure both you and your bridesmaids are happy.

Know Your Own Bridal Style:

If you are the bride, before you even start looking at bridesmaids dresses it helps to have chosen your own wedding gown first and have a clear idea of the theme, colouring of your wedding so you can ensure your bridesmaids’ looks fit in with the overall style of the wedding and complement you and your groom in all the wedding photography.

Know Your Bridesmaids:

Are there lots of similarities between your bridesmaids or are they all completely different?

Important factors to consider are size, shape, age, style, and colouring. Something that would look great on one girl may look hideous on another, even if the dress is beautiful! Talk to your bridesmaids and ask them if there is anything in particular they would not feel comfortable in and take this into consideration when shopping for dresses.

Ensure you have an idea of colour and length:

On your wedding day you want your bridesmaids to be happy, smiling and having a great time so you want to make sure they all feel great on the day in an outfit they love, however be careful not to give your bridesmaids free reign as they may consider themselves before you the bride!

The best thing to do is establish the colour of the dresses and the length first, and then find a few different styles you like. Only then should you consult your bridesmaids as to which ones they like. It’s quite popular these days to have different styles for each bridesmaid in the same fabric which can be a win-win option!

Remember when choosing the colour to bear in mind the colouring, size and shape of your bridesmaids! The wrong choice could make them look washed out or a size bigger than they actually are and that won’t look nice on your photos or make them feel very good about themselves!

A bridal stylist can help (which is where we come in!):

A bridal stylist can ensure you make the right decision in regards to you and all of your bridesmaids and find a style, colour, fabric and length that suit everyone so is well worth the investment. Having an third party giving you honest, expert advice in a diplomatic and inspiring way can really help get all your bridesmaids on board with your decisions whether it’s a shy friend or a demanding sister! Plus an independent bridal stylist will ensure honest advice as they are employed by you to make you and your bridesmaids look your best for the big day, so you know you are being given an expert opinion and not just being “sold” to with regards to a particular dress.

Fabric is important!:

Don’t forget to think about fabric when you choose your dresses! If you’re having a summer wedding you need a lighter fabric and the opposite for an autumn or winter wedding. Remember too that the choice of fabric teamed with the style and colour can shed or add pounds to your bridesmaids so choose carefully.

Don’t make accessories an after-thought!:

Very often, the dresses are seen as the main item and the accessories including the shoes, bag and jewellery are often an afterthought. As a stylist we know that accessories can make or break any outfit including on your wedding day so include plenty of time to look for the right accessories. we stock plenty of extras such as shoes, tiaras, hair slide and jewellery to embellish the overall look.

Fittings and Ordering:

The last fitting when the dresses come in should be at least 3 – 4 weeks before the wedding to allow for any last minute alterations. Don’t just pick the dresses up a week before the wedding thinking it will be enough time and hoping they will fit like a glove!

It is a good idea to order all your bridesmaids dresses together to ensure that they are all cut from the same dye-lot otherwise you could end up with a slightly different colour for each which will really show up on the photos.

And there we have it; our expert advice. but please do not be baffled by all this, come in and see us and we can do everything for you,... if you so wish!